Play Golf in Your Bar

Investing in an HD Golf Simulator positions you as an early adopter in the bar-recreation trend. Our simulators allow you to easily setup, then run tournaments and VIP events exclusive to your bar. Competitive, real-world gamification strengthens patron emotional affinity with your bar, and keeps you top-of-mind throughout the week. This connection is bolstered through our mobile friendly, social-portal. Our portal provides a high-value communication touch-point, and is perfect for delivering incentives as part of your loyalty program. Most importantly, patrons love the experience and connect the activity with your brand.

I’m interested in HDGolf for my Bar

Attract New Patrons

Offer HD Golf as a stand-alone activity with Green Fees. Guests who play are willing to pay; fees are typically optimized to suit time-of-day. Establishments also package F&B with a round of golf as a special.

Increase Guest Check Average

Our clients find an increase in average guest check by $6.35 nets more than $30,000 in additional sales per quarter.

That’s essentially 1 extra pint, a split appetizer or 2 sodas between guests. From our bar and restaurant client experience, patrons who play HD Golf become deeply engaged in the game, and willingly spend more time & money in your establishment.

Our clients’ Green Fee rates typically fluctuate between $40 to $75 per hour, depending on time of day. Assuming your simulator is booked 6 hours per day, at $60 per hour, income generation is $360 per day, or $10,800 per month, or $32,400k per quarter. Combined with food and beverage sales, you’re grossing $62,400 per quarter.

Earn Loyalty

When you own and take a full swing on the best simulator on the market, it feels pretty good. The sharpness of the image, the data clarity from your shots….your steady improvement. It all comes from practice and having fun. Hit a bucket of balls after dinner every night and work on your swing. You’ll get that year-round competitive advantage that makes you the star of your foursome when you hit links with your golfing buddies. That moment when you tee-off on #1 in front of the clubhouse at your favourite course with everyone watching…you’re confident, ready to bring your best and dominate the round.

Additionally, clients love to convert their HD golf system into a panoramic, floor-to-ceiling screen. Envision the Superbowl or Masters Golf tournament on your high definition screen with a full-house of cheering fans. Our low-overhead, low maintenance, high-performance HD Golf Simulators are the perfect revenue generator for your sports bar.

I’m interested in HDGolf for my Bar

Insight from F&B Industry

We agree with our clients – advancements in consumer technology are creating strong demand for Active Bar Recreation (ABR). Consumers want more than a bar stool, a big screen and a pool table.

When factors like income potential and square footage are weighted with ABR, revenue generation and interactive activity becomes critically important. Gone are the days of the humble pool table, particularity when it comes to income potential. Shared experience, deep engagement and high value-exchange activity is the new reality.

Active Bar Recreation is driving forward to multiple reasons: the competitive nature of the F&B industry, tech advances and Millennial entry into licenced establishment. Also, consumers are looking for and willing to pay for rich experiences and deep engagement. When you’re looking to attract and retain consumer interest and income for extended periods, and HD Golf Simulator is an excellent choice.