HD Golf™ delivers world-class golf to your world-class guests. Send your guests for a round at Pebble Beach or St. Andrews without them ever leaving your resort. An HD Golf Simulator™ provides the ultimate, visually stunning On-Demand Golf experience.

  • Incredibly fun, hi-impact weatherproof recreation that connects shared experience with your brand.

  • Use as an included amenity, premium extra, upgrade or for special events.

  • HD Golf™ delivers maximum engagment and excitement, providing the WOW factor guests crave.

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Great Guest Reviews

Great guest reviews reflect a great guest experience. Guests love playing world famous golf courses and competitions, including closest-to-pin and long-drive contests. Give them an exciting, visually stunning HD Golf™ experience and earn 5 Star reviews. Strengthen guest affinity with your brand and retain customers for life.

Great Social Content

Whether a millennial or a retiree, social-savvy guests love to create and share content. Course-Link connects your resorts with others in your chain adding exclusive, real world gamification. Our VIP Clubhouse provides an engaging communication channel and is great for delivering content and loyalty incentives. Most importantly, HD Golf™ provides a stage for sharing an experience guests love and they connect the activity with your brand.

Mix Business with Leisure

Today’s business travellers want more. Attract new guests and earn loyalty by connecting their favourite activity with your hotel experience and earn 5 Star reviews. In addition to playing world famous golf courses, your guests will love Club-Link tournaments and competitions, which include long-drive and closest-to-pin contests. Our VIP Clubhouse provides an engaging communication channel and is great for delivering content and loyalty incentives. Stand out from your competitors and offer market-leading On-Demand golf for your business travellers.

Resort Management Asset

Vacationing guests spend significant time within the hotel property during their stay. They want new and unique activities. The relatively low–upfront cost of purchasing and installing an HD Golf Simulator™ is highly attractive. Even more appealing are the minimal operating and maintenance costs.

  • Package with conferences, offer on pay-per-hour basis or include as value-added amenity.

  • Interactive entertainment is a lucrative profit center that also enhances F&B sales. Guests who Stay and Play are Willing to Pay.

  • Cloud based VIP Clubhouse links you with guests while Course-Link integrates other hotels in your organization for tournaments and contests.

Installation & Service

Our obsession for accuracy and quality extends to our installation and service. 24/7 tech support, remote diagnostics and a greater than 99% uptime keeps your simulator fully operational and guests playing throughout their vacation.


In addition to championship golf, HD Golf™ simulators double as a presentation theatre. Conference organizers utilize the panoramic screen as a versatile presentation stage. Activating the HD Golf™ function during breakout further engages event participants. The dynamic environment created by HD Golf™ appeals equally to millennials or seasoned business veterans, helping forge connections and positive outcomes.

The High Definition Golf Advantage

  • Attract and Retain Business and Pleasure Travellers with a fantastic shared experience.
  • Create a visually stunning opportunity to connect with others and a platform for social sharing.
  • Amazing flexibility to increase F&B, encourage guests to spend more time at your resort, and act as a critical component to your loyalty program.

  • Virtually maintenance free and low overhead. Remote diagnostics and 24/365 access to live support creates 99% uptime and guests on-the-course.
  • Ideal for: Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Cruise Ships.

I’m interested in HDGolf for my Property